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"We now use the word innovation on a daily basis within Croda , but if anyone were to ask me who would be the one person most associated with the term “Innovation” and its development and delivery within Croda, then the answer would be simple; Kevin Gallagher.  You have also been the champion for the technical functions within Croda and that support has been appreciated; the technical capabilities and facilities at Edison are a great legacy.  I will do my best to continue to develop those.

Dr.Surinder Chahal, Global VP

Personal Care R&T

"Kevin Gallagher has been one of the most active and constructive directors on the Board of the American Cleaning Institute.  His thoughtful and insightful contributions have made him a leader on the Board.  In particular, he has played a leading role in the evolving commitment to sustainability of the cleaning products and oleochemical industries."

Ernie Rosenberg, Executive Director

American Cleaning Institute (ACI)

​​​​"I always felt you are the engine that made Croda what it is today.  If there were a Hall of Fame for Chemical Industry Executives you would be an unanimous inductee."

Craig Aiken 

Sales Director, Croda North America.

Additional Testimonials

"Kevin has made a massive contribution to Croda and has been instrumental in building successful businesses throughout his career. We will always be particularly indebted to Kevin for his contribution to innovation starting with being co-inventor of 7 patents held by Croda that all resulted in successful commercial products, but also leading the “patented product initiative” in North America starting in 2001. This initiative became an important precursor to our current NPP strategy.

 Kevin has been a trusted friend to me and to many others around the world, a role model to many in the organisation and a wise counsel to all around him."

Steve Foots, CEO

Croda International Plc.